BCA Officers

President Merry Langlinaissprintmail.com,xroads,BCA web site
Vice President Ann Newman sbcglobal.net,ann_newman,BCA web site
Treasurer Mary Lynn Spangler swtexas.net,mls,BCA Web Site
Secretary Open

About our officers:

Merry Langlinais, President: Merry is currently a member of the Bandera County Historical Commission and the Editor of the Historian, the quarterly publication of the Commission. She is a former president of the Board of Directors of the Kronkosky Library of Bandera County, a former president of the Alamo Group Sierra Club, and has been active in numerous civic and community organizations. Merry and her husband, Michael, now divide their time between their home in San Antonio where Michael is employed at the University of Texas at San Antonio and their home in the Canyonlands of Bandera County where Merry enjoys writing and enjoying the beauty of the Texas Hill country.

Ann Newman, Vice President: Co-founder of the Bandera Canyonlands Alliance. Ann and husband John (Chico) are both from San Antonio and have been landowners committed to the Bandera Canyonlands for many years.

Mary Lynn Spangler, Treasurer: Mary Lynn and husband Bill, both native Texans, bought their property in Vanderpool in 1992. Together, they have slowly become educated in the ways of conservation and have been trying to restore their land as wildlife habitat with the help and advice of Environmental Defense Fund and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

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